Free Estimates

Get three estimates from reputable contractors by requesting an estimate from us. We'll inspect the roof, determine everything that it needs, and get prices from three of the best local roofing contractors for you.

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Free Inspections

We'll check for damaged or missing shingles caused by hail, wind, normal wear and tear, or anything else. We'll provide our findings and point out any maintenance issues that could extend the life of the roof.

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Roof Certifications

A certification is low-cost assurance that a roof won't leak due to normal wear and tear. We'll do a free inspection to determine if the roof qualifies, and provide you with three free estimates for work that's needed in order to qualify.

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What our customers are saying...

Steve Konecny

As a Realtor working with both buyers and sellers in the Denver Metro Area for the past 10 years, Roof Brokers has been a valuable part of my team providing an independent inspection and three quotes if any roof repairs are needed.
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Brian Burke

At Kenna Real Estate, We TRUST Roof Brokers to give us a true evaluation of a roofs condition, They are fast, friendly and easy to work with!
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Maniesha "Shay" Lowe

I love Roof Brokers, These guys come out on every deal I am working. Either for my sellers or for my buyers. They all are phenomenal from the front desk to the inspector. I have lost count of how many times they have been out for me. Many times the same day I call. 10 stars
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Jacob Denham

These guys aren't your storm chasing roofers looking to make a fast buck. They'll be honest and tell you exactly what you need, no more, no less.
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